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Albert Heijn and AH-to-go: two of AHOLD’s brand supermarkets in the Netherlands, which currently have a total of 884 stores in their home market.

Years ago, AHOLD entrusted the renovation of hundreds of these shops to MVRO and we have always managed to have the work done under our supervision according to AHOLD’s strict requirements.

Streamlining complex processes

MVRO supervises and coordinates entire renovation processes for AHOLD, from the initial concept to its delivery and maintenance. Usually, there are many parties involved in the building and renovation work and we need to make careful preparations and monitor the progress closely to meet the extremely tight deadlines.

Although a shop must be stripped, renovated, furnished, restocked and opened within ten days, the fault tolerance is almost zero.

Meeting even the most stringent standards

MVRO must meet stringent, brand-related standards to ensure that the Albert Heijn brand’s basic principles are upheld.

In addition, it is a challenge to do the building work in shopping precincts that are often busy but where the inconvenience to the public and road traffic must be kept to a minimum. It’s not uncommon, either, for the building work to be subject to strict local bylaws and regulations so well-oiled logistics, a very detailed schedule and good negotiating skills are essential.

Albert Heijn reinvented in Eindhoven

How can supermarket chains respond to the needs of younger generations? They might just find the answer in Eindhoven because there, in the city’s creative hotspot – Het Veem at Strijp-S – MVRO has created a new concept for Albert Heijn. Read more about Albert Heijn Het Veem.

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